PS4 or Cheap PC ? Can a Jailbroken PS4 Run Windows Games


With the imminent release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, one question that is being asked is whether a PS4 can be jailbroken and have Windows running on it.  Let’s face it, it is now illegal to unlock a phone without consent from the carrier. What about partitioning your drive and running Linux, and having a dual-boot system .

playstation-4-controller-sensor jailbreak

The PS4 will have those all-important USB ports so keyboards and a mouse won’t be an issue. Or you could use Wi-Fi, meaning you might be able to play Windows PC games on it. And, with that Wi-Fi connection it can also be used as a Smart TV.

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However, let’s not kid ourselves that Sony, or AMD for that matter, won’t already have given this some thought. The big question is, will they lock it down tight or will they turn the other cheek and let users do what they want with their consoles?

This year alone, Sony has plans to ship 16 million of the new PS4 consoles. However, to do so, they must be extremely pro-active and just a little bit aggressive in their pricing and marketing strategies.  The biggest downfall of the PS3 was its high price tag, resulting in an eventual decrease.

The PS4 comes 7 years after the PS3 and, although it’s built to high standards it isn’t anything too special. It comes down to the internal specs and they make it into a high speed, powerful PC.  Boot time, along with execution speed is important to users and it’s a pretty sure thing that AMD have given the PS4 some of their best technology to enable this.

The SDK for the gesture sensing capability that the PS4 will have will not support Windows Apps. It’s already been made clear that there will be no backwards compatibility. Sony has talked about allowing streaming of PC games through Gaikai, a streaming service recently acquired by Sony. This will be restricted to only delivering PC games to Sony products, another good idea.

Controlling the television wirelessly a HDMI is not in any way a  unique system, however, Sony are likely to have included some very cleverly written copyright into the system. If the PS4 is capable of being jailbroken it would make it perfectly possible to run Windows games easily.

Ok, so they are the upsides. What about the downs?  A jailbroken PS4 could be seen as being just another cheap PC, although that would be far from the truth.

One thing that has annoyed some is Sony holding back on the console when it was revealed. E3 will tell us all we need to know about the PS4.  They also haven’t been too forthcoming in their games but again, these will be revealed in due course. The first thing a consumer looks for is the game they want to play. Then they will look at the consoles that are capable of playing it. A PS4 that can be jailbroken opens that door just a little bit wider for consumers.

The only thing that might have to change is the name. After all a console is a closed system and, if the PS4 can be jailbroken then clearly it isn’t closed at all.  A PC isn’t a PC without Windows. So, a jailbroken PS4 would be a bit of a mix between a PC and a Console – a PC’Onsole maybe?  A P’Console?  Suggestions in the comments box please.

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2 Responses - Add Yours+

  1. Mrhbit says:

    A PC is a better PC without Windows!
    The more interesting thing is, could I use the underlying FreeBSD system ?
    If this would be possible, I can use wine for playing some Windows games, without using the buggy and unsecure OS.


  2. Dyaln says:

    If we were talking XBox I’d call it a simple pawnsole. PUNS!!!