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Jailbreak PS4

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The Sony PS4 is due to be released sometime in Q4 of this year, at a cost of $399. As with the PS3 there will be a jailbreak solution available for the PS4. However, Sony appears to be on top of things and is currently jumping on any PS4 jailbreak solutions they come across. Many

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PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death Problem and possible Solution

PS4-Blue-Light-of-Death blod

The new Sony PlayStation 4 was released in some markets on 15th November amid a great deal of anticipation and excitement.  However, unfortunately for Sony, that excitement has been short-lived as complaints start to pour in. Image : PS4 Blue Light of Death There are two main issues for Sony here – a number of new

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Difference between Xbox One and PS4
PS4 will NOT have a Jailbreak ?
PS4 Release Date USA and Europe
Whats Inside the PS4 - Sony's 8th Generation PlayStation

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Whats Inside the PS4 – Sony’s 8th Generation PlayStation


In the Shinagawa district of Tokyo, deep inside the headquarters of Sony, Yasuhiro Ootori is getting set to show us something that nobody outside of Sony has seen.  He is tearing down the new PlayStation 4, released in some markets just yesterday. Image : Sony PS4 Tear Down The teardown took place in October with

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No 3D Blu Ray Support on Sony PS4


With the PS 4 now on release in some markets and the Xbox One release just days away, excitement levels are rising fast.  While the Sony PS 4 is ostensibly a top-notch gaming console, there are still little bits of information coming out about it that we didn’t previously know about. Image : PS4 does

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PS4 vs Xbox One – Size Comparison


With the PlayStation 4 now on release in some countries and the Xbox One to follow soon, there are bound to be those who haven’t made up their minds which console to go for yet.  Reviews coming in for the S 4 are favorable and it remains to be seen what the Xbox customers think of their

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PS4 vs Sniper Rifle – Must Watch Slow Motion Video

ps4 shot  (4)

Most people have a hobby of some description, and many of us dream of becoming famous.  Take a look at YouTube and you will find hundreds, thousands of examples of this.  One YouTuber, RatedRR, has taken to blowing things up – usually the latest gadget to hit the streets – with high power assault rifles

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How to Jailbreak PS4 using PC


Friday November 15th sees the release of the long-awaited Sony PS4.  This is only in the US though, the rest will have to wait until 29th to get their hands on their new console.  Those of you that have been thinking about perhaps jailbreaking your new PlayStation 4 will be pleased to know that, when you finally

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Amazon Teases Massive PS4 Shipment on Twitter


In just one week’s time, Sony will be releasing their brand new games console, the PlayStation 4.  It releases first in the US on 15th November, followed by Europe on 29th.  For those of you who have ordered a new console and are hoping to pick it up from the store on the day of release,

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12 GB Flash Memory Based PS3 Now On Sale in U.S.A and Canada

12 gb ps3

Right now, the gaming world is focused almost entirely on the upcoming release of the Xbox One and the PS4.  However, Sony are not burying the PS 3 just yet.  While the PS4 will almost certainly be a popular console, it may be beyond the financial reach of some consumers. Sony are now releasing a

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PS4 Release Date USA and Europe

Marc-Cerny sony ps4 update

It’s not very often that games console manufacturers let slip all of their information in one go. Instead they let it out a bit at a time, reeling in consumers, right up to the day of release.  That’s the way Sony has gone with the release of the upcoming PS4 – they announced it in

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GTA 5 Official Online GamePlay Video – Trailer

gta-5-multiplayer-1 ps4

One of the most eagerly awaited games of this year is Grand Theft Auto 5, especially now that NVIDIA has revealed that the game will be made available for the PC later on this year.  On top of all the teaser screenshots that game maker Rockstar has been dropping throughout the year, now we have

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